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The most up-to-date installers for Window, Mac OSX and Linux can be found found at:



Occasionally, updates will be issues without supplying new installers.  This greatly reduces the size of the downloaded needed.  The update packages will contain library files that simply need to be copied over the files that already exist on your system (whever you have installed ShapeX).


Since the last release, Shape has been revamped almost completely. In particular, the user interface (UI) and the rendering algorithms have seen profound changes.


  • New modules and modifiers help with the workflow

  • New manual & website help the user to get started

  • User forum - ask questions, share tips & tricks, propose features

  • Installers for Windows, MacOSX, Linux RPM & Debian 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that to take full advantage of your computers RAM, you need to manually set it in the ShapeX.cfg file. Search for this file within the installation directory.  Open it with Administrator privileges and add the minimum and maximum RAM that you will allow Shape to use, say e.g. 14 GB of your actual RAM of 16 GB. Edit the .cfg file in a text editor with the following lines:


Make sure that there are no spaces before or behind the lines with the numbers. Save the file and run Shape. At the bottom of the UI the "Total (Mb): " should now indicate approximately 1.4E4 .

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